Project 6, 2015 Research Experience for Teachers Project 4, 2016
Secure Cyberspace

Secret Key, Public Key, Hash Algorithms, Protocols, Authentication, Integrity, Confidentiality, Availability


Possible Project

project.jar     The client package
project.html html file - change the name to project.html and apply appletviewer The Monitor package - unzip somewhere, cd ProjectServer/Project and execute 'start'
On the client below:
  Check/select the monitor name, user name, and monitor port
  Start the monitor as above
  Click the left Connect button to start the client's passive server
  Click the right Connect button to start the active client
  Click the IDENT button to send username to the monitor
  Click the PASSWORD button to send an initial password to the monitor
  Click the HOST_PORT button to tell the monitor where the passive server is listening
  Click CHANGE_PASSWORD or GET_GAME_IDENTS or other buttons