Use ssh to tunnel to project machines from outside

The project monitors will use port 8180, which is blocked by the firewall maintained by UCIT. However, anyone having an account on a machine, such as gatekeeper or, is able to tunnel to any of those ports using port 22 via ssh. To do this in a unix operating system issue a command similar to the following:

   ssh -L
where the rightmost should be replaced by the uc machine you log into, the leftmost should be replaced by the machine running the project monitor, and all 8180 entries should be replaced by the port the monitor is listening to. If the above command succeeds, you can connect with your local machine at port 8180, and it will have the same effect as connecting to port 8180, or other, on the remote machine (helios in this case).

The monitor needs to connect to a passive server that you will be running. You will choose which port and host the monitor should connect to. If that port is blocked by some firewall, particularly your own router, you will have to provide a tunnel in the reverse direction to allow packets to flow from monitor to your passive server. The command for this is the following:

   ssh -R 20167:localhost:20167
where 20167 is your passive server's port. You may have to change localhost to whatever name the monitor receives when it looks up your host's name but I have not had to do this.

You can do this from Windows using Putty. Please do a google search to find putty - I know it is readily available.