20-CS-694 Advanced Programming Techniques Spring 2012

Interfaces, Exceptions, Graphics, Animation, Threads, Reflection, Networking, RMI, JDBC, JNI

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Swing Widgets

1.   LabelTest.java

  -   Objects of class JLabel are shown with and without icons. The icons may be placed differently wrt to text.
2.   TextFieldTest.java

  -   Various ways to use a JTextField are shown including hiding entered text with dots, for example is password entry.
3.   ButtonTest.java

  -   JButton objects can display images which can be changed during runtime.
4.   CheckBoxTest.java

  -   Uses check boxes to make changes to text in a JTextField.
5.   RadioButtonTest.java

  -   Uses radio buttons to make changes to text in a JTextField.
6.   ComboBoxTest.java

  -   Uses a JComboBox to select images and shows how to configure one.
7.   SliderDemo.java

  -   Uses a JSlider to control the size of a circle on a canvas.
8.   MenuTest.java

  -   Shows how to use several classes associated with installing menus in a JFrame and acting on various menu item types.
9.   PopupTest.java

  -   An example of a pop up menu in an applet - right click in the applet to see the menu.
10.   ListTest.java

  -   Display and select items from a list.
11.   MultipleSelection.java

  -   Copy sections of one list of items into another list.
12.   TextAreaDemo.java

  -   Copy sections of one text area into another text area.
13.   CustomPanelTest.java

  -   Demonstrates the use of JPanel objects.
14.   DesktopTest.java

  -   ??
15.   LookAndFeelDemo.java

  -   Change the look and feel of the applets: motif, windows, metal.
16.   MouseDetails.java

  -   Pick up and display mouse cursor positions.
17.   KeyDemo.java

  -   Press a key on the keyboard while the applet is in focus.