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20-CS-626 - Formal Methods
School of Computing Sciences and Informatics

Lecture Videos Date
    Intro to FM, SAT representations     28 Mar
    SAT solving, easy classes, Bounded Model Checking     30 Sep
    BMC examples     4 Apr
    Satisfiability Modulo Theories     6 Apr
    Binary Decision Diagrams     11 Apr
    BDDs, examples     13 Apr
    Algebraic methods; ACL2     18 Apr
    ACL2 types, recognizers, functions, theorems     20 Apr
    Exam Prep     25 Apr
    ACL2 - PHP, Equivalence     2 May
    ACL2 - Mergesort, Adder, ALU     4 May
    ACL2 - Hoare logic, predicate transformers     9 May
    Weakest preconditions example     11 May
    Cryptol - basics     16 May
    Cryptol - advanced     18 May
    Equivalence Check, Mostek Multiplier and ZUC     23 May
    Review - ACL2 and Cryptol     25 May
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