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   L. Chris Pugh, Office Chief of Cyber and ARCYBER visit (posted 6 Jul 2017)
L. Chris Pugh of the Office Chief of Cyber and ARCYBER is looking for graduating students interested in cyber operations and defense who wish to consider a direct commissioning into the U.S. Army as a Warrant Officer. He will be here sometime in late October or early November. More information to follow.
   NSA Summer Interns for CAE-Cyber Operations Universities (posted 7 Aug 2017)
Since UC is a CAE-Cyber Operations, the following opportunity is available to our students (also see: and notice that our NSA Security Education Academic Liaison will be visiting in mid September (see below) to discuss this with interested students):

Agency: NSA
Education: Undergraduate, Graduate
Opportunity: Internship
Academic Field: Computer Sciences, Computer/Electrical Engineering, Cybersecurity

The Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cyber Operations Summer Intern Program (CAE-Cyber Ops Summer Intern Program) is the National Security Agency's (NSA) premier outreach program for students enrolled in the Cyber Operations specialization at NSA-designated universities. Selectees will be invited to participate in a 12-week summer program to gain knowledge of specific cyber-related topics and apply educational knowledge to address various real world mission-related technical challenges. Participants in the program will work on a broad range of problems involving applications of computer science and engineering.

The goals of the CAE in Cyber Operations Summer Intern Program are to:

  • Introduce our country's future leaders in cyber-related fields to the agency's mission and share the excitement of working on problems of national importance
  • Provide a deep understanding of the vital role that computer science and engineering play in enabling the agency to tackle a diverse set of technical challenges
  • Encourage undergraduate and graduate computer science and engineering students to continue cyber-related studies and careers; and
  • Afford participants the opportunity to provide solutions to current operational problems

Application Deadline:
Applications are accepted Sept. 1st - Oct. 31st each year.

Interns are paid a competitive salary commensurate with their education level.


  • Annual leave, sick leave and paid federal holidays
  • Participation in agency-wide extracurricular programs
  • Students who attend schools in excess of 75 miles from Ft. Meade, MD, are eligible for a round trip airfare ticket to and from school or mileage reimbursement up to the cost of a government-issued airline ticket.
  • Daily transportation to and from work is not provided. Students participating in the program are highly encouraged to bring a vehicle. Carpooling with other students MAY be available but is NOT guaranteed.
  • Subsidized housing accommodations are available upon request if school is located in excess of 75 miles from NSA main HQs campus.


  • Must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Must be eligible to be granted a security clearance.
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher is preferred
  • Must be a college sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate student with at least one semester remaining after the internship.
  • Must be majoring in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering or a related discipline and have completed courses in C programming, assembly programming, networking and operating systems. Equivalent experience will be considered in lieu.
  • Must be available for an operational interview and other applicable processing between December and March.

Selection priority will be given to students from designated CAE-Cyber Ops institutions in pursuit of the cyber operations specializations, but students working on computer science, electrical engineering or computer engineering programs from other institutions are also welcome to apply. The program is highly competitive, and is intended primarily for undergraduate students between their junior and senior years, but exceptional freshmen and sophomores also will be considered. Graduate students and graduating seniors will be considered too, but they must be enrolled in a graduate program for fall 2015. In addition, students who have scored well in the various annual cyber-related competitions are also invited to apply.

See to learn how to apply.

   NSA Security Education Academic Liaison visit (posted 5 Jul 2017)
UC's NSA SEAL will visit Sept. 12 to 14 to discuss careers and intern opportunities at the NSA. A mass email will be sent close to the event to set times.
   NSA Codebreaker Challenge (posted 5 Jul 2017)
Stand by for information on NSA's annual codebreaker challenge.

The website for the 2016 challenge is here:

Note that 13 UC students managed to get to Task 4 in 2016 - behind only Georgia Tech, Dakota State, and UMBC. We hope to have an even better result this year.

   Caesar Creek Software Reverse Engineering Challenge (posted 11 Sep 2016)
See The Caesar Creek Software Reverse Engineering Challenge page for an example of a puzzle that commonly pops up in cutting edge tech companies. The puzzle is as follows. Given a binary (executable) file figure out how to turn it into something you can analyze with a tool like IDA or a debugger. Next figure out how to make the binary do something interesting. After that, set up the correct conditions to make the binary provide you with some text output. Brute force will probably work but shouldn't be necessary. The final output will tell you what to do next. You should be able to solve this puzzle with a copy of IDA (Free or Professional), a Linux VM, and maybe a little Python.

If you'd like to work at Caesar Creek Software and are a U.S. citizen, this is an excellent first step in helping us evaluate your talent. Good luck!

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