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20-CS-6056 - Security Vulnerability Assessment
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

   Contest and Final Report - Due: 2022-April 30
RoE, what to submit, dates: Vulnerabilities Contest
Monitor and Client code: monitor code archived    client code archived    checksum
Overview of the Contest: Purpose and Overview
Highly detailed description of the Contest with examples: Contest Manual
Supplements - details of commands by sections identified on client main page buttons:
Note: - many commands and actions in the manual are superseded by those below
Look at the manual to understand the contest and then study the sections below
   Buildings: Description of 9 types of buildings a player can place on territories
   Commands: Commands that the monitor understands with descriptions
   Directives: Directives that the player's client needs to understand
   Economy: Resources, their distribution, market value and how wealth is calculated
   Espionage: How to engage in espionage
   HiddenCommands: Available but deprecated commands (also see manual)
   Population: Types of personnel to be trained
   Territories: Find, claim, build on, and protect territories
   Trades: How to trade/send resources, civilians, soldiers
   Wars: How to conduct wars, acquire and use weapons
Submission instructions are here
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