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20-CS-6056 - Security Vulnerability Assessment
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

   Lab 1 - Perform risk assessments for two adversaries   Due: 2018-Jan-26
Detailed description: first lab.
   Lab 2 - Characterize a memory corruption vulnerability   Due: 2018-Feb-10
Detailed description: second lab.
   Lab 3 - Stack Smash Escape to Shell and Data Leakage vulnerability Due: 2018-Feb-19
Detailed description: third lab.
   Lab 4 - Determine and correct a dangerous condition   Due: 2018-Mar-5
Detailed description: fourth lab.
   Lab 5 - Determine keybits from timing data   Due: 2018-Mar-30
Detailed description: fifth lab.
   Final - Due: 2018-April-24, at noon
Detailed description: Final.
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