20-CS-6055-00X Cyber Defense Overview Fall 2017
Midterm Video

Authentication, Availability, Confidentiality, Integrity, Defense Principles, Intrusion Detection, Attack vectors, more

Investigation of some aspect of Cyber Defense

Problem Description
As a group of four or five (groups listed below) choose some topic in cyber defense and produce a 10-15 minute video describing the topic. The video should explain what the topic is, what its relationship is to cyber defense, what happens if the subject of the topic is absent, and anything else that may be relevant. Examples: password cracking - crack the professor's password and explain how you did it; go into mathematical detail on RSA encryption and/or generating secure random numbers; show how to use all the tools in Security Onion to detect and mitigate attacks.

  1. Group 1
    • Susmitha Thadiboyina
    • Sri Tejaswi Korrapati
    • Krishna Ravali Nallamothu
    • Praveen Buddi
    • Manoj Kumar Peddireddy
  2. Group 2
    • Anuj Shah
    • Chakresh Singh
    • Naveen Reddy Aleti
    • Tarun Kumar Kurra
  3. Group 3
    • Marina Greben
    • Lakshmi Bhimavarapu
    • Sahithya Ghattmaraju
    • Sanyukta Jedhe
  4. Group 4
    • Collin Atkins
    • Tommy Foertmeyer
    • Aidan Gallagher
    • Thibaut Gourdel
  5. Group 5
    • Venkat Kumar Reddy Lingala
    • Mohan Krishna Balli
    • Talpa Sai Pavan Kumar Ulichi
    • Harsha chandra Katta
  6. Group 6
    • Ashwaq Almeshari
    • Anh Dang
    • Austin Huck
  7. Group 7
    • Vishnu Varma Nallabaraju