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Use One Time Codes to Disarm IED

We used the code you provided to remotely disarm the IED, which was later found along a route frequented by military transport vehicles. These actions undoubtedly saved the lives of many service members. After disarming the IED, forward-deployed forensic analysts were able to recover several deleted files from the device. The most promising one appears to be the key generator program used to produce device specific keys like the one you recovered in Task 3 and used to generate a one-time code for the IED disarm command in Task 4. If you can find a weakness in how these keys are generated, then we could exploit this to generate valid one-time codes for any IED and remotely disarm it.

Analysts just alerted us of 2 additional IEDs within a few miles radius of military forces. The serial numbers are provided below. We need you to provide valid one-time codes for each one ASAP so we can disarm the devices. Also, recent intelligence suggests that the terrorists are using Linux to generate the keys.

captured client file: client
captured server file: server
captured library: captured key file: 952606818.key.enc

source: Codebreaker Challenge, 2016

solution: solution

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