20-CS-6053 Network Security Spring 2017
Modulo Arithmetic Basics

Secret Key, Public Key, Hash Algorithms, IPSec, Kerberos, Authentication, more


Instructions: Choose a prime p that is equal to 4*k+3 for some integer k. Set the top-rightmost textfield to display value p. Set the exponent textfield to display the value of (p+1)/4 (or just hit return on the modulus textfield). Enter any integer base in the leftmost textfield. Click "Doit". If they exist, the two square roots of the base appear in the textfields labeled "S" and the squares of "S" are shown in the textfields labeled "S^2". Those values should match the value in the base textfield as a check.

Important note: only half the base numbers have square roots so S and S^2 texfields may be dashed out.