20-CS-6053 Network Security Spring 2017
Bitwise Logic Operations

Secret Key, Public Key, Hash Algorithms, IPSec, Kerberos, Authentication, more


    Enter an integer less than 256 in the upper left textfield labeled "number 1" and an integer less than 256 in the upper middle textfield labeled "number 2". Then select one of the following operations from the button group at the bottom of the applet: ^ (exclusive or), | (logical or), & (logical and), * (multiplication), + (addition), - (subtraction), << (shift left), >> (shift right), ! (negation). The shift and negation operations are on the "result" number only. The other operations are applied to the "number1" and "number2" fields.

The binary representation of the result of the operation shows up under the result label on the right. Results shown are in binary and character form.