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20-CS-6053 - Network Security
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Lecture Notes Week
    Motivation     9 Jan
    Security, Network Basics and Firewalls     9 Jan
    TCP/IP     9 Jan
    IP address spoofing     9 Jan
    IP Fragmentation     9 Jan
    Secret & Public Key Block Ciphers     9 Jan
    Merkle-Hellman encryption     9 Jan
    Merkle-Hellman Demonstration     9 Jan
    Mod arithmetic     9,16 Jan
    Mod Inverse     9,16 Jan
    Chinese Remainder Theorem     9,16 Jan
    Lab 1     16 Jan
Some Odd Ciphers    
Logic operations:     applet     source
9 Jan
Simple xor:     applet     source
9 Jan
Double lock:     applet     source
9 Jan
Crack double lock:     applet     source
9 Jan
Better double lock:     applet     source
9 Jan
Block Ciphers and Secret Key Cryptosystems    
    Sending Sequence of Encrypted Blocks     16 Jan
    DES, IDEA, AES     16 Jan (IDEA multiply)     16 Jan
    AES code     16 Jan
    AES Specification     16 Jan
Message Digest - Auth, Integ, Encrypt    
Hashing     23 Jan
    SHA-xxx Description     23 Jan
    SHA-1 Broken     23 Jan
    Hash Collisions (birthday problem)     23 Jan
    MessageDigest class in Java 30 Jan
       - java source
    Message authentication class and tests 30 Jan
    Server authentication class and tests 30 Jan
    Encryption/decryption classes and tests 30 Jan
    SHA-1 Implementation     30 Jan
    SHA-2 Implementation     30 Jan
    HMAC Implementation     30 Jan
Karn Symmetric Key Algorithm     30 Jan
Public Key Cryptosystems    
    Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange     30 Jan 30 Jan
           - Use of BigInteger, pow, mod, modPow to
        implement Diffie-Hellman 30 Jan
           - Make DH public key, save to file DHKey 30 Jan
           - Make send/receive public key from DHKey 30 Jan
           - Receive client public key, make secret,
     send server public key 30 Jan
           - Send public key to server, receive server
         public key, make secret
        Karn+Diffie-Hellman 30 Jan
RSA     30 Jan
DSS     30 Jan
Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem     30 Jan
Interactive Zero-Knowldege Proofs and Authentication 6 Feb
Stream Ciphers and Authentication Protocols    
Stream Ciphers     6 Feb
Password Authentication and KDCs, and CAs     13 Feb
How to make certificates using openssl     20 Feb
Authentication, Key Distribution Pitfalls     13 Feb
Systems for Authentication and Session Management    
Kerberos 20 Feb
       Tutorial     User Guide
    Unix How To     Cisco overview
PKI     20 Feb
IPSec     20 Feb
IKE     20 Feb
Layer 4.5 Systems    
SSL/TLS     27 Feb
SSH     27 Feb
Email Security     27 Feb
Side Channel Attacks     6 Mar
Lecture:     general, timing, power
6 Mar
Tutorial:     introduction
6 Mar
Web:     TEMPEST     Declassified 1972 NSA paper
6 Mar
Paper:     branch prediction
6 Mar
Slides:     differential power
6 Mar
Paper:     differential power
6 Mar
Paper:     timing
6 Mar
Paper:     differential fault analysis
6 Mar
Paper:     monitor eavesdropping: Optical
6 Mar
Paper:     monitor eavesdropping: EM
6 Mar
Android OS    
20 Mar
Environment (a.k.a. Lab 5)
27 Mar
Developer tools
3 Apr
Latest API (v23)
3 Apr
10 Apr
Fourth.apk (demoed in class)
10 Apr
Android Malware Demo
10 Apr
Eclipse headache remedies
10 Apr
Google Play
17 Apr
Code samples
17 Apr
Android exploits paper
17 Apr
Android exploits and reasons
17 Apr
Mathematics of Cryptography    
    Basics details     ?? (from P.63)
    Modulo Product: applet     ??
    Diffie-Hellman Demonstration: applet     ??
    Groups and generators: applet     ??
    Fermat's Little Theorem: applet     ??
    Exponents/Roots: applet     ??
    Square root modulo a prime: applet     ??
    Miller-Rabin Primality Test: applet     ??
    Z*n: applet     ??
    Mod inverse: applet     --
    Chinese Remainder Theorem: applet     --
    Mod inverse: xx xxx   bigint.h
    Mod multiplication: xx xxx   bigint.h
    Exponentiation: xx xxx   bigint.h   power.h   Makefile   stacker.h
RSA:     applet     source
xx xxx
Hash: input pair maps to same output     xx xxx
SHA algorithms     xx xxx
SHA Cracked xx xxx
Message Digest Java Code     xx xxx
Cryptographically secure random number     xx xxx
Man-in-the-Middle/Impersonation     xx xxx
Paul Erdos
Ladies on Campus
Oscar Robinson