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20-CS-6053 - Network Security
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Lab Policy
  1. six labs (one not graded) are assigned this quarter. It is uncertain whether a grader will be assigned to grade these homeworks. Nevertheless, the student will submit solutions to the six gradeable ones. The first four labs incrementally build a project that involves teams of three. It is a good idea to form a team early. It is OK to submit one solution for a team, for each of those labs: just indicate the names of the team members. It is hoped that the student will be self-motivated and carefully complete all the assignments for his/her own benefit.

  2. If solutions are graded, the grading scale will be 0-10 for each homework. I am particularly interested in the zero-knowledge proofs homework!!!

  3. No solutions will be accepted after the last day of class (just before finals commence).

  4. Of course, students may discuss homework assignments with each other, may write solutions together, copy, or cheat in any way they can think of (except on the exams or any other graded component of the course). However, it is customary that any significant help from another student or book should be acknowledged in a comment when you ask me to review what you have.
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