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20-CS-6053 - Network Security
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

   Communicating With a Monitor - due January 30
Detailed description:   first lab.
Handshake sequence:   handshake.pdf
Standings:   Scoreboard
Log file:   log file
Assistance in visualizing the results:   applet
   Adding Authentication and Encryption - due February 13
Detailed description: second lab.
Standings:   Scoreboard
Log file:   log file
   Authentication by Zero-Knowledge Proofs and RSA - due February 27
Detailed description: third lab.
   Android Development Environment - due April 10
Detailed description: fifth lab.
If something does not work, look here
Submit screenshots of the result of each section in the assignment to verify that you completed it.
   Android Malware - Due April 17
Detailed description: sixth lab.
If something does not work, look here
Submit: as usual. Only the final apk file is needed.
Note: if it is too much trouble to get it as described
here it is
   How to create an ssh tunnel to the monitor on helios from off campus
Active client (port 8180 on helios):
   ssh -L
   Then, instead of connecting to helios, connect to port 8180 on localhost
Passive server (for example, port 20167 at home):
   ssh -R 20167:localhost:20167
   Your passive server should be listening on port 20167.

Note: If you don't have a helios account use your ucfilespace account - in that case replace the '' on the extreme right in both lines (ssh -R and ssh -L) with (you may have to use <username>@ucfilespace if your username on ucfilespace differs from the username of the machine you are using to make the connection).

Note: If you are using ssh -R and ssh -L as above and find your connection terminated after a while, put the following lines at the end of /etc/ssh/ssh_config:

    ServerAliveInterval 30
    ServerAliveCountMax 5
These lines will establish a heartbeat that will keep the connection alive indefinitely.

Note: Your java code must be modified to make localhost the connection target instead of
For example, you might do this if you are using supplied code:
   java Homework localhost 8180 franco
instead of this:
   java Homework 8180 franco

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