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20-CS-5156 - Security Vulnerability Assessment
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Lecture Material and Notes Week
Legal and Ethical Issues    
    Ethical handling of security vulnerability publishing (JF slides)     8 Jan
    Ethical handling of security vulnerability publishing     8 Jan
    Nash Ethical Model     8 Jan
    CMU CERT disclosure of security vulnerabilities     8 Jan
    Software vulnerability reporting (U. Washington)     8 Jan
    Vulnerability reporting (Coder's Rights Project)     8 Jan
    Misuse of DMCA in DRM (Electronic Frontier Foundation)     8 Jan
    Legal risks of vulnerability disclosure (Stanford Law School)     8 Jan
    Legal example: MIT vs. MBTA (legal complaint)     8 Jan
    Legal example: Cisco vs. Michael Lynn (BBC News)     8 Jan
    Bruce Schneier - opinion     8 Jan
    Google's "Project Zero" bug-finding program     8 Jan
    Google discloses 0-day vulnerability in Windows 8.1     8 Jan
Vulnerability Assessment
    Vulnerability Assessment and Classification(JF slides) 15 Jan
    Vulnerability Assessment (OWASP) Process (CK slides) 15 Jan
    Vulnerability Classification (CK slides) 15 Jan
    OWASP Risk Rating Methodology 15 Jan
    OWASP risk likelihood calculation example 15 Jan
    Microsoft Risk Rating Methodology 15 Jan
    Microsoft STRIDE classification 15 Jan
    Microsoft DREAD evaluation 15 Jan
    Mitre Popular Classification Taxonomies with Examples 15 Jan
    Comprehensive Information Security Standard (ISO) 15 Jan
Software and OS Vulnerabilities    
    Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities (CK Slides)     22 Jan
    Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities (JF Slides)     22 Jan
    Memory Corruption Protection (JF Slides)     22 Jan
    Code referenced in the above     22 Jan
    Stack overflow example     22 Jan
    Stack overflow example     22 Jan
    Buffer overflow (non-Heap) example     22 Jan
    Heap overflow     22 Jan
    Other Vulnerabilities (JF Slides)     29 Jan
    Return Oriented Programming     29 Jan
    ROP example: 64-bit (amd64) vs. 32-bit (IA32)     29 Jan
    Race conditions     29 Jan
    Covert and subliminal channels     29 Jan
Software and OS Design and Implementation    
Privilege escalation 5 Feb
Ubuntu AppArmor application confinement 5 Feb
Ubuntu AppArmor guides 5 Feb
Privilege Separation 5 Feb
Multiple Independent Levels of security 5 Feb
Auditing 5 Feb
Language Design Issues    
    Type, pointer, integer, format, string, signals, other     12 Feb
    Code for the above     12 Feb
    Vulnerabilities of the top 10 languages 12 Feb
    Programming language vulnerability stats 12 Feb
    CERT secure coding data base - C language 12 Feb
Network and Protocol Vulnerabilities    
Virus and worm propagation     19 Feb
Security of data in the cloud     19 Feb
Homomorphic encryption implementation     19 Feb
Homomorphic encryption outline     19 Feb
Deduplication and side channel attacks     19 Feb
Deduplication and attacks in sandboxed javascript     19 Feb
Security of deduplication in a virtualized environment     19 Feb
Worm propagation simulator from Princeton U.     19 Feb
The lab to try the simulator on     19 Feb
Network File System     26 Feb
Stateless vs.stateful protocols     26 Feb
KDC protocol vulnerabilities     26 Feb
IPSec protocol vulnerabilities     26 Feb
NTP vulnerabilities     26 Feb
Reflection and replay attacks     26 Feb
Network Attacks (IP, ICMP, Routing, TCP, Application)    
Denial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service 5 Mar
ARP poisoning 5 Mar
Distance vector routing 5 Mar
Ping flood and Syn flood 5 Mar
Man-in-the-Browser (SANS) 5 Mar
Intrusion and Anomaly Detection and Prevention    
Tools 19 Mar
Honeypots 19 Mar
Firewalls and firewall rules 19 Mar
Bro log variables 26 Mar
Hardware and Architecture Vulnerabilities and Attacks    
    Hardware attacks (InfoSec Institute)     26 Mar
Side-channel attacks (Franco's notes) 26 Mar
Countermeasures 2 Apr
Hardware attack detection, prevention (Franco's Notes) 2 Apr
Stealthy dopant-level hardware trojans 2 Apr
Hardware involved software attacks 2 Apr
Configuration Vulnerabilities    
Configuration errors 2 Apr
Reverse Turing test     2 Apr
Effect of scale and complexity on configuration management     2 Apr
User Interfaces and Human Factors    
Social engineering     9 Apr
Social engineering (     9 Apr
Social engineering - phishing (     9 Apr
Social engineering - pretexting (     9 Apr
Social engineering - spam (     9 Apr
Social engineering - spear phishing (     9 Apr
Social engineering - penetration testing (     9 Apr
Social engineering - web-based attacks (     9 Apr
Social engineering - how to prevent SE attacks     9 Apr
Social engineering - awareness to prevent attacks     9 Apr
Social Engineer Toolkit     9 Apr
Application Security and Malfeasance Detection    
Overview - JF slides 17 Apr
Code 16 Apr
Manual for above 16 Apr
Digital Rights Management 16 Apr
Watermarking 16 Apr
Steganography 16 Apr
Fraud in E-commerce 16 Apr
Reputation systems 16 Apr
SPAM 16 Apr
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