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20-CS-5156 - Security Vulnerability Assessment
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Lab Policy
  1. Up to seven labs will be assigned this quarter. It is hoped that the student will be self-motivated and carefully complete all the assignments for his/her own benefit. All lab submissions will be counted toward a (conventional) grade - see the grading policy for details. It is OK to submit one solution for a group of students of size two or three but no greater: just indicate the names of the team members in a comment on blackboard so I will be sure not to miss it.

  2. Let N be the number of labs assigned this semester. The grading scale will be 0-10 for each lab. The sum of all lab scores will be multiplied by 0.3/N to arrive at the contribution to the conventional score due to labs. Thus, the maximum the labs can contribute to a conventional score is 30 out of 100 points.

  3. All labs have due dates. If a submission is turned in after the due date for that lab, the professor decides whether the submission will be accepted for grading. There are numerous reasons why grading of a submission can be declined but the following policy, at least, is in effect: 1) no submissions will be accepted after the last day of class (the definition of last day of class is given below); 2) at most one lab will be accepted during the last week of class; 3) at most one lab will be accepted during the week before the last week of class. In addition, a lab will not be accepted if the submitter has cheated. Cheating seems to have a different meaning in different parts of the world and the concept does not even exist in some countries so we define cheating in the context of this course here.

    Definition: A week begins on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday.
    Definition: The last week of class is the week that ends IMMEDIATELY BEFORE finals week.
    Definition: The last day of class is Friday of the last week of class.


    Note: the last day of class IS NOT the last day that finals are given - it occurs at least one week before the last day that finals are given and is a Friday.

  4. Of course, students may discuss lab assignments with each other, may write solutions together, copy, or cheat in any way they can think of (except on the exams or any other graded component of the course). However, it is customary that any significant help from another student or book should be acknowledged in a comment when you ask me to review what you have.

  5. Two or three students submitting a solution will each receive the same conventional score as if only one person submitted the solution. If the submission is worth brownies (perhaps it is a difficult problem), though, then the value of the solution, in brownies, is divided equally among all members of the group.
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