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20-CS-5156 - Security Vulnerability Assessment
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Grading Policy
    Conventional this time:
    Grades will be determined from a cumulative score (CS) that is obtained from labs (L), brownie score (BS), midterm project (M), and final exam/project/contest (E) according to this formula:
  CS = BS*0.1 + M + E + L*(3/5)
Where M and E are scores showing on blackboard, and L is the sum of lab scores showing on blackboard. Completely and absolutely ignore blackboard's maximum points for labs, midterm and final as they mean nothing. To computer BS for students registered in UC sections do the following: denote one's individual brownie point total at the end of the semester by IB and denote by MIB_UC the maximum total number of brownies accrued by any student registered in UC sections at the end of the semester. Then, a UC section student with brownie point total IB at semester end will have a brownie score of
  BS = IB*100/MIB_UC
For students in the Northrop Grumman section do the same thing except use MIB_NG which is the the maximum total number of brownies accrued by any student registered in Northrop Grumman section at the end of the semester.

Labs will be graded on a scale of 0-10 and the cumulative lab score will be normalized to a 0-100 scale. The final exam will be graded on a scale of 0-100. Letter grades will be assigned on an informal "curve" from a ranking of student cumulative scores. MIB

What are brownie points anyway?
Brownie points will be awarded upon successful completion of a relevant project or other activity that is agreed to in advance by both the student and the professor. The number of brownie points for a given project must be negotiated but is typically between 5 and 15. Some of the harder labs may count for brownie points - this is to be negotiated. A project that is worth 15 brownies could be the development of a new lab assignment. An activity worth 5 brownies could be research to settle a question that arises in class. A successfully completed difficult lab may add 10 brownies to a student's total.
Note 1:
Occasionally, brownies will be awarded for attending class. This could add as much as 15 brownies to your total.

    Note 2:
Brownies are awarded to individuals, not groups. Brownies are not awarded if a similar previous submission has been awarded brownies.

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