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20-CS-5155 - Cyber Defense Overview
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Lecture Videos Date
    Administration Aug 29
    Tools, VMs, Network Traffic Encryption Sep 05
    Transmission of Block Ciphers Sep 12
    RSA, DES, AES Sep 19

    Administration Aug 23
    Network Basics Aug 25
    Secret and Public Key Cryptosystems Sep 8
    Authentication Protocols and Pitfalls Sep 13
    Cyber Kill Chain and NG Fan Sep 15
    Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Analysis Tools Sep 20
    Cyber Kill Chain Test Cases, Security Onion Analysis Examples Sep 22
    Active Network Monitoring: Firewalls Sep 27
    Active Network Monitoring: Proxy Servers, Configurations, VPN Sep 29
    CSIRT Oct 4
    Attack Vectors Oct 11
    PDF File Format Exploitation Oct 18
    Security Operations Center Oct 20
    Defense in Depth Nov 1
    Common Criteria Nov 3
    Information Sharing Nov 8
    Reverse Engineering Nov 15
    CDX outline Nov 17
    CDX Contest Dec 1

    Administration, Network Basics Aug 24
    Introduction to Network Security, Firewalls, Wireshark, etc. Aug 26
    Symmetric and Asymmetric Ciphers, Diffie-Hellman Aug 31
    Handshake protocols and pitfalls Sep 2
    Elliptic curve crypto, password authentication Sep 7
    Authentication, PKI, Kerberos Sep 9
    Cyber Kill Chain, Midterm Videos Sep 16
    Passive Monitoring and Logging, NIDS, HIDS Sep 28
    Active Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Security Onion Oct 5
    Attack Vectors Oct 19
    Protection Profiles, Security Targets, etc. Nov 2
    Protection Profiles, Security Targets, etc. Nov 2
    Common Criteria Nov 4
    Malware Analysis w/ an Assembler Nov 16
    Malware Analysis w/ an Assembler Nov 18
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