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20-CS-5155 - Cyber Defense Overview
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Lecture Videos Date

    Administration Aug 23
    Network Basics Aug 25
    Secret and Public Key Cryptosystems Sep 8
    Authentication Protocols and Pitfalls Sep 13
    Cyber Kill Chain and NG Fan Sep 15
    Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Analysis Tools Sep 20
    Cyber Kill Chain Test Cases, Security Onion Analysis Examples Sep 22
    Active Network Monitoring: Firewalls Sep 27
    Active Network Monitoring: Proxy Servers, Configurations, VPN Sep 29
    CSIRT Oct 4
    Attack Vectors Oct 11
    PDF File Format Exploitation Oct 18
    Security Operations Center Oct 20
    Defense in Depth Nov 1
    Common Criteria Nov 3
    Information Sharing Nov 8
    Reverse Engineering Nov 15
    CDX outline Nov 17
    CDX Contest Dec 1

    Administration, Network Basics Aug 24
    Introduction to Network Security, Firewalls, Wireshark, etc. Aug 26
    Symmetric and Asymmetric Ciphers, Diffie-Hellman Aug 31
    Handshake protocols and pitfalls Sep 2
    Elliptic curve crypto, password authentication Sep 7
    Authentication, PKI, Kerberos Sep 9
    Cyber Kill Chain, Midterm Videos Sep 16
    Passive Monitoring and Logging, NIDS, HIDS Sep 28
    Active Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Security Onion Oct 5
    Attack Vectors Oct 19
    Protection Profiles, Security Targets, etc. Nov 2
    Protection Profiles, Security Targets, etc. Nov 2
    Common Criteria Nov 4
    Malware Analysis w/ an Assembler Nov 16
    Malware Analysis w/ an Assembler Nov 18

    Administration, Network Basics Aug 26
    Network Basics, Firewalls, Attacks Aug 28
    Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptosystems Sep 2
    CBC, Authentication Protocols I Sep 4
    Authentication Protocols II Sep 9
    Cyber Kill Chain Attack Model (using 2014 lecture) Sep 16
    Password authentication, PKI Sep 18
    Network Security Monitors, Passive Logging Oct 2
    Active Defense, firewalls - iptables Oct 7
    Active Defense, proxy servers, vpn, configuration Oct 9
    Attack Patterns Oct 21
    Common Attack Vectors Oct 23
    PDF, Use-After-Free, REMnux Oct 28
    How to organize a CSIRT Oct 30 (replacement lecture)
    Defense in depth Nov 4
    Common Criteria Nov 6
    Community Nov 13
    Malware Analysis Without Disassembling Nov 20
    CDX Nov 25
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