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20-CS-5155 - Cyber Defense Overview
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Midterm Videos and CDX Results
    DLL Injection - Moon, Rossi, Meeks, Hunt
    Daniel Moon, Ricki Rossi, Jonathon Meeks, Ben Hunt (19/20 - Grand Prize Winner)
        Sons of Moon     eval
    How Can Data Mining be Applied to Cyber Security? - Kuchta
    Alain Kuchta, Nathan Ashcraft, Behrad Bagheri, Jeff Nainaparampil (18.7/20 - close 2nd)
        Security Porcupine     eval
    Virtual Private Networks - Lindberg, Davis, Do, Romie
    CDX report - Lindberg, Davis, Do, Romie (17.84/20)
        Crouching Davis Sleeping Bao     eval
    HEARTBLeD - McPhillips, Drake, Henderson, Broderick
    Christopher Broderick, Angela Drake, Kyle Henderson, Cory McPhillips (16.4/20)
        The Metapods     eval
    Wi-Fi Security - Tuchfarber, Washburn
    David Washburn, Matthew Flowers, Matthew Tuchfarber, Chad Whaley (16/20)
        The Brew Crew     eval
    Cyber Security of the Internet of Things - Chesley, Brisbin, Hedge, Rose
    Tyler Brisbin, Jacob Chesley, Suprabha Hegde, and Andrew Rose (12.9/20)
        Blue Angels     eval
    Securing a MySQL Database - Taylor, Suppakitjarak, Park, Crowell
    Nuthapol Suppakitjarak, Elijah Park, Daniel Taylor, Christopher Crowell (6.6/20)
        SQL Sequins     eval
    Man in the Middle - Thalapaneni, Chapman
    Devisha Srivastava, Snehesh Thalapaneni, Jacob Chapman, Sanjay Kalla (5.3/20)
        Devisha's Devels     eval
    Malicious Code in PDFs - Whaley, Flowers
    Social Engineering in Cyber Security - Bagheri, Kalla, Srivastava
    Homomorphic Encryption - Nainaparampil, Ashcraft
Note: The final report was used to evaluate the conduct of the CDX and its completeness and clarity were judged as well. A score on a scale of 0-10 was given to the final report. The uptime score was normalized to a scale of 0-10 where the highest score was given 10 and all other scores were proportionally lower. The total score is the sum of the report score and the uptime score.
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