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20-CS-5155 - Cyber Defense Overview
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Learning Objectives
    Knowledge and Comprehension
  1. Know network security methods, protocols, and systems to achieve confidentiality, integrity, and authentication, and kinds of network attacks.
  2. Know where to use firewalls and how to configure them to achieve a desired level of security.
  3. Know techniques for detecting intruders
  4. Know how to detect network reconnaissance operations that may be initiated by an intruder.
  5. Know techniques for preventing intruders from entering a local network.
  6. Know how to detect and identify malicious code, for example via signatures.
  7. Know how to detect and identify anomalies.
  8. Know how to establish and evaluate command and control procedures and operations to be better able to withstand and recover from an attack.
  9. Know system architectures that better support network security, including MILS.
  10. Comprehend challenges in securing a virtualized data center and know how to address them.
  11. Comprehend the concept of levels of trust and know how to establish trust to a desired level.
  12. Know how to design a layered defense strategy and defense in depth
  1. Can design secure authentication/handshake protocols and explain how they are resistant to well-known attacks.
  2. Can design secure protocols which, when added to existing infrastructure, do not compromise security.
  3. Can develop and use tools to detect intrusion.
  4. Can develop and use tools to detect and identify anomalous behavior that is likely due to malware.
  5. Can configure and use firewalls to secure, as well as possible, a virtualized data center.
  6. Can determine that an attack is imminent under certain circumstances, for example by detecting reconnaissance operations originating from outside the secured perimeter.
  7. Be able to design procedures and operations that minimize damage and recovery time in case of some catastrophe - such procedures may span multiple systems.
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