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20-CS-5155 - Cyber Defense Overview
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Lab Hints
   First Lab
It has been reported that, in some cases, if you are using one VM to communicate with another VM, that the traffic is not visible to the host Operating System (such as Windows 8 or Mac OS X). For best results, make sure you are using one of the VMs to perform the network traffic capture. The most consistent configuration is to use 3 VMs, as per-system configurations may introduce unexpected variables in your personal system's OS.
   Third Lab
You may find the following utilities helpful (either installed on SecurityOnion or available using apt-get), however any tool(s) which get the job done will be acceptable:
   Fourth Lab
Detailed hints. See the lab assignment for help.
   Fifth Lab
Detailed hints. See the lab assignment for a transfer example.
Paul Erdos
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