20-CS-5153 Network Security Spring 2017
Final Project

Secret Key, Public Key, Hash Algorithms, IPSec, Kerberos, Authentication, more

Contest Parameters

Server: gauss.ececs.uc.edu

Login port: 8150

Passsive Server port range: 10000 - 65000

Maximum number of connections the monitor permits before it starts
refusing new connections: 100

Maximum time a Monitor spends waiting for a passive server
to ALIVE itself: 25 seconds

Maximum time a Monitor will spend to confirm a trade: 45 seconds

Maximum time the monitor spends trying to verify a passive server
as a result of a client's HOST_PORT command: 20 seconds

Amount of time that a client has to issue commands
per login/alive: 3 minutes

Number of times a player is allowed to retry a given command
before being disconnected (not including responses to a REQUIRE
directive): 10

Number of times a player is allowed to retry a given command
in response to a REQUIRE directive: 5

Time that a passive server must be "alive" before receiving
points from the monitor: 10 minutes

Time interval for awarding points: 15 minutes

Time that a player must wait before getting
random participant info from the monitor: 3 minutes

The maximum number of commands a player can issue in a period: 200

Minimum time to next check of "alive" passive servers: 5 minutes

Maximum time to next check of "alive" passive servers: 8 minutes

Time to next update of tournament statistics: 3 minutes

Number of points awarded at each allotment epoch: 140

Number of bits per password chosen by monitor: 98

Number of points to "purchase" a host port request: 100

Percentage bonus for making a transfer: 2