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EECE-4029 Operating Systems
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

   Install linux on something, compile a kernel module - due Sep 2
Detailed description: first lab.
Totally Important: If you are using VirtualBox or VMware or something similar, BE SURE THAT YOUR VM IS USING TWO OR MORE PROCESSORS or else your submissions in later labs will probably produce erroneuos results when run on a real linux box.
   Kernel module: kthread and work_queue - due Sep 9
Detailed description: second lab
   Kernel threads: multiple threads - due Sep 16
Detailed description: third lab
   Kernel module: monitor battery status - due Sep 30
Detailed description: fourth lab
   Pthreads and streams: many consumers, one producer - due Oct 7
Detailed description: fifth lab
java version:
   Device Driver: read-write semaphore - due Oct 14
Detailed description: sixth lab
   Device Driver: network - due Oct 24
Detailed description: seventh lab
Assistance: slides
   Memory Management: Buddy Allocator - due Nov 4
Detailed description: eighth lab
   Memory Management: Pager - due Nov 14
Detailed description: ninth lab
   File System: FUSE, encryption - due Nov 23
Detailed description: tenth lab
   File System: ext2 and ext4 disk layout - due Dec 2
Detailed description: eleventh lab
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