EECE-4029 Operating Systems Fall 2016
Device Drivers

processes, mutex, semaphores, memory management, producer-consumer, files, deadlock, more..

From the linux kernel sources

real_drivers.tar     All code and Makefile in a tar file
Makefile.r8169     Realtek ethernet driver, for model RTL8169 NIC
Makefile.mwl8k     Marvell wireless driver, for TopDog(TM) WLAN cards
Makefile.dpt_i2o     Adaptec I2O Raid driver, for 2010S (SCSI) cards
Makefile.7840     Moschip USB-2.0 to quad-serial port device driver (MCS7840 chip)
Makefile.tgafb     DEC 21030 Targa Graphics Adaptor (TGA) frame buffer device driver
Kernel Code:
r8169.c     Realtek RTL8169 network device driver, 3.6 kernel
r8169_1.c     Realtek RTL8169 network device driver, 3.7 kernel
mwl8k.c     Marvell TopDog(TM) wireless device driver, 3.6 kernel
mwl8k_1.c     Marvell TopDog(TM) wireless device driver, 3.7 kernel
dpt_i2o.c     Adaptec SCSI Raid device driver, 3.6 kernel
    dpti.h    dpti_i2o.h    dpti_ioctl.h    dptsig.h   
    osd_defs.h    osd_util.h    sys_info.h   
mos7840.c     Moschip USB-2.0 Quad-Serial Port driver, 3.6 kernel
tgafb.c     DEC frame buffer device driver, 3.6 kernel
Description of TGA frame buffer    
Data sheet for the Moschip MCS7840 USB serial device    
Data sheet for the Realtek RTL8169sb NIC    
Description of the Marvell 88w8063 wireless LAN SoC    
Programmer's guide for the Adaptec 2010S SCSI Raid controller