EECE-4029 Operating Systems Fall 2016
Advanced Device Drivers

processes, mutex, semaphores, memory management, producer-consumer, files, deadlock, more..

Sample code and documentation

drivers_advanced.tar     All code named driver-1?.c and Makefile in a tar file
netdev4.tar     Driver named netdev4.c and Makefile in a tar file
Makefile.advanced     For all code named driver-1?.c below
Makefile.netdev4     For the driver named netdev4.c below
Kernel Code:
driver-11.c     Parallel port driver - shows memory mapped I/O, interrupt handling
driver-12.c     Same as above but drives a printer directly
driver-12.h     Include file for the above
driver-13.c     USB skeleton driver
driver-14.c     PCI skeleton
driver-15.c     Simple network interface utility - see also netdev4 below
driver-15.h     Include file for the above
netdev4.c     Sample simple real network card (realtek 8139)
Execution Scripts:
driver-11_load    driver-11_unload     Run and stop driver-11
driver-12_load    driver-12_unload     Run and stop driver-12
driver-15_load    driver-15_unload     Run and stop driver-15
Linux Device Driver    
readme for driver 11    
how to develop netdev4.c    
Programmer's guide for the Realtek 8139 card