20-CS-4003-001 Organization of Programming Languages Fall 2018
Object Oriented Style

Lambda calculus, Type theory, Formal semantics, Program analysis

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Doctor's Office Simulation

The following shows the event-manager and process-event functions. The event-manager is just a simple loop though the list of events until a stop-event is reached. At each iteration process-event is called on the current state and event to be processed to generate a new state and new events, if necessary. Each event that is considered is placed in a list which is what the process-manager function outputs. Add the code below to that of the previous slides and run like this:
  prompt> res6
  ((event: time-to-sick-for-patient jane is 295) 
   (event: time-to-release-pairing jane and lisa is 282) 
   (event: time-to-sick-for-patient jane is 277) 
   (event: time-to-sick-for-patient john is 238) 
   (event: time-to-release-pairing jacky and lisa is 238) 
   (event: time-to-sick-for-patient jacky is 236) 
   (event: time-to-release-pairing john and lory is 236) 
   (event: time-to-release-pairing jorry and lisa is 171) 
   (event: time-to-release-pairing jacky and lory is 163) 
   (event: time-to-sick-for-patient john is 162) 
   (event: time-to-sick-for-patient jacky is 159) 
   (event: time-to-release-pairing joe and lory is 146) 
   (event: time-to-sick-for-patient jorry is 138) 
   (event: time-to-sick-for-patient jim is 134) 
   (event: time-to-release-pairing jacky and lisa is 13) 
   (event: time-to-sick-for-patient joe is 8)
   (event: time-to-sick-for-patient jacky is 5)) 
Here is the code to add:
(define process-event
  (lambda (event state time)
    (case (event 'get-type)
       (if (state 'doctorQ-empty)
           (state 'enqueue-patient-from-event event)
           (state 'pair-doc-pat event time)))
       (let ((state (state 'release-patient-from-event event)))
         (if (state 'patientQ-empty)
             (state 'enqueue-doctor-from-event event)
             (state 'pair-doc-pat-from-waiting-room event)))) 
      (else (error 'process-event-no-method)))))

(define event-manager
  (lambda (pat-lst doc-lst)
    (let* ((state (initializer pat-lst doc-lst))
           (pair (state 'get-next-event))
           (cur-event (car pair))
           (cur-time (cur-event 'time))
           (cur-state (cdr pair)))
	  (lambda (event state time acc)
	    (if (eq? (event 'get-type) 'stop-event)
		(let* ((new-state (process-event event state time))
		       (pair (new-state 'get-next-event))
		       (cur-event (car pair))
		       (cur-time (cur-event 'time))
		       (cur-state (cdr pair)))
		   (cons (event 'show) acc)))))))
        (process-events cur-event cur-state cur-time '())))))

(define res6 (event-manager pat-lst doc-lst))