20-CS-4003-001 Organization of Programming Languages Fall 2018
Object Oriented Style

Lambda calculus, Type theory, Formal semantics, Program analysis

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Doctor's Office Simulation

The following is added to initialize state for simulation. A user just needs to create a list of doctors' names and a list of patients' names to use it. Event times for sick events (the only ones at the outset of the simulation) are created by a "random" number generator which is implemented below as the function rand. Add the code below to that of the previous slides and run like this:
  prompt> res5
    ((event: time-to-sick-for-patient jacky is 5) 
     (event: time-to-sick-for-patient joe is 8) 
     (event: time-to-sick-for-patient jim is 134) 
     (event: time-to-sick-for-patient jorry is 138) 
     (event: time-to-sick-for-patient john is 162) 
     (event: time-to-sick-for-patient jane is 277) 
     (event: stop-event: 300))
   patientq: () 
    ((doctor: lisa *unassigned*) 
     (doctor: lory *unassigned*) 
     (doctor: larry *unassigned*)))
Here is the code to add:
(define rand (lambda (n) (modulo (* 13711 n) 313)))

(define initializer
  (lambda (pat-lst doc-lst)
	(lambda (lst state time)
	  (if (null? lst)
	        (cdr lst)
	        (state 'pat-sick-evt (patient-maker (car lst) time) time)
	        (rand time)))))
	(lambda (lst state)
	  (if (null? lst)
                (cdr lst)
                (state 'doctor-enters-pool (doctor-maker (car lst))))))))
           (state-maker (queue-maker '()) (queue-maker '()) (queue-maker '())))
	 (time (rand 23))
	 (state (add-doctors doc-lst state))
	 (state (add-patients pat-lst state time))
	 (state (state 'stop-event)))

(define pat-lst '(John Jim Jane Jacky Joe Jorry))
(define doc-lst '(Lisa Lory Larry))
(define res5 ((initializer pat-lst doc-lst) 'show))