20-CS-4003-001 Organization of Programming Languages Fall 2018

Lambda calculus, Type theory, Formal semantics, Program analysis

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{- The a is the type parameter. Maybe is a type constructor. This type 
   constructor can produce a type of Maybe_ Int, Maybe_ Car, Maybe_ String, etc.
   No value can have a type of just Maybe_ because Maybe_ is not a type. 
   Maybe is a Functor - definition of a Functor is given on a later slide.
data Maybe_ a = Nothing_ | Just_ a

{- try :t on the following -}
j1 = Just_ 32
j2 = Just_ "John"

{- The type of Nothing is Maybe a. If some function requires a Maybe Int 
   as a parameter, we can give it a Nothing, because a Nothing doesn't 
   contain a value anyway and so it doesn't matter. -}

{- 3 dimensional vector -}
data Vector a = Vector a a a deriving (Show)  
{- can operate on many different type vectors -}
vplus :: (Num t) => Vector t -> Vector t -> Vector t  
(Vector i j k) `vplus` (Vector l m n) = Vector (i+l) (j+m) (k+n)

vp :: (Num a) => Vector a -> Vector a -> Vector a
vp (Vector i j k) (Vector l m n) = Vector (i+l) (j+m) (k+n)
vectMult :: (Num t) => Vector t -> t -> Vector t  
(Vector i j k) `vectMult` m = Vector (i*m) (j*m) (k*m)  

vm :: (Num a) => Vector a -> a -> Vector a
vm (Vector i j k) m = Vector (i*m) (j*m) (k*m)
scalarMult :: (Num t) => Vector t -> Vector t -> t  
(Vector i j k) `scalarMult` (Vector l m n) = i*l + j*m + k*n  

x1 = Vector 1 2 3
x2 = Vector 4 5 6
x3 = Vector 4.3 5.3 7.7

r1 = x1 `scalarMult` x2
r2 = x1 `scalarMult` x3