20-CS-4003-001 Organization of Programming Languages Fall 2018
Code Safety

Lambda calculus, Type theory, Formal semantics, Program analysis

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Type, Memory, Thread Unsafe Code Examples

safety.tar     Archive. package containing all source code below plus the Makefile
type-unsafe-1.c     Type unsafe. operator works on string but a number is passed. Result is a segmentation fault.
type-unsafe-2.c     Type unsafe. memcpy is type oblivious, allows larger array to overwrite smaller array plus some space it should not be allowed to touch.
memory-unsafe-3.cc     Memory unsafe. dereference a null pointer.
memory_unsafe_4.java     Memory safety helper. Java uses exceptions to recover from dereferencing a null pointer.
memory-unsafe-5.cc     Memory unsafe. reference to an object exceeds the lifetime of that object.
memory-unsafe-6.cc     Memory unsafe. allow reference to a private variable.
memory-unsafe-9.c     Memory unsafe. overwrite the stack to execute malware (function g).
thread-unsafe-1.cc     Thread unsafe. dot product of two vectors is distributed over 8 threads but they interfere with each other and the final sum is wrong.
thread-safe-1.cc     Thread safe. above is fixed with mutex protecting incremental sum.
thread-safe-2.cc     Thread safe. local sum is added to global sum with mutex protection.
thread-safe-3.cc     Thread safe. protection from atomic assignment provided in hardware.
thread_unsafe_7.java     Thread unsafe. method used by multiple threads at the same time has problems.
truncation.cc     truncation. bypass security check because an int becomes a short.
binsearch-unsafe.cc     binary search. sum to get index variable in classic binary search may overflow.
binsearch-safe.cc     binary search. sum to get index variable in binary search does not overflow.