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CS-3003 - Programming Languages
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Suggested texts for underpinnings:
    Concepts of Programming Languages (11th Edition) by Robert Sebesta, ISBN-13:978-0133943023, Pearson, 2015, $53.90 (paperback) at
    Programming Language Pragmatics (4th Edition) by Michael L. Scott, ISBN-13:978-0124104099, Morgan Kaufman, 2015, $56.92 at
    Design Concepts in Programming Languages by Franklyn Turbak, and David Gifford, ISBN-13:978-8120339965, MIT Press, 2009, $35.05 (paperback) at
But the following are most relevant:
    Java Platform, Standard Edition 8, API Specification by Oracle,
    Scheme Tutorial, Catharina Candolin, Computer Science, Helsinki University of Technology, 2001,
    Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days, Dorai Sitaram, Presumably somewhere in the British Indian Ocean Territory, 2015,
    Learn You A Haskell For Great Good, Miran Lipovača, Slovenia, 2015,
    Programming Cryptol, Galois, Inc., 2018,
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