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20-CS-122 - Computer Science II
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Schedule (subject to change)
WeekClass Material Reading (Deitel)
  Mar 27    Problem Solving, Classes Chapter 9
Apr 3  ADTs and C++ Classes Chapters 9, 10
Apr 10  Class relationships, Inheritance,
 Virtual functions
 Chapter 12
Apr 17  Variable pointers and Linked Lists Chapter 20
Apr 24  Stacks Chapter 20
May 1  Queues Chapter 20
May 8  Problem Solving with Recursion Notes
May 15  Exam (for some), Overloaded operators Chapter 11
May 22  Templates, polymorphism, Chapters 13, 14 
May 29  Efficiency and Sorting Chapter 19


  1. File reads and writes will be part of most assignments. See Chapter 17 for information about that topic.
  2. Exception handling and strings are useful and are explored in Chapters 16 and 18. We choose to focus attention on problem solving and have omitted a formal treatment of these topics.
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