20-CS-122-001 Computer Science II Spring 2012

Virtual functions, classes, inheritance, lists, queues, stacks, applications

Standard Template Library
     find      STL Find algorithm
     iterator      STL iterator classes
     list      STL List class - example of container class
     sort      STL Sort algorithm - can be applied to many container classes
     vector      STL Vector class - example of container class
     STL      STL overview
     STL      STL components

     a.cc      A function template
     b.cc      A class template
     c.cc      A class template
     d.cc      C++ craziness and tricky use of display
     e.cc      Yet another variation on the above example
     list.cc      Use of STL list class
     vector.cc      Use of STL vector class
     queue.cc      Use of STL queue class
     heap.cc      Use of STL heap class
     for_each.cc      Use of for_each
     simple.cc      Vagrancy revisited