20-CS-122-001 Computer Science II Spring 2012
Biconnected Components of a Graph

Virtual functions, classes, inheritance, lists, queues, stacks, applications

    graph.h     Header for the Graph class
    edge.h     Header for the Edge class, needed by the Graph class
    vertex.h     Header for the Vertex class, needed by the Graph class
    stacker.h     Header for the Stack class, used in the code for Biconnected Components
    list.h     Header for the List class, needed by the Stack class
    node.h     Header for the Node class, needed by the List class
    funcs.h     Header defining edge/vertex evaluation and comparison classes
    graph.cc     Functions of the Graph class
    edge.cc     Functions of the Edge class
    vertex.cc     Functions of the Vertex class
    stacker.cc     Functions of the Stack class
    list.cc     Functions of the List class
    node.cc     Functions of the Node class
    dfpair.h     Header for DFPair class, objects hole DFNumber(v) and Low(v)
    biconn.h     Header for Biconn class, where the solver is
    dfpair.cc     Functions of the DFPair class
    biconn.cc     Functions of the Biconn class
    biconntest.cc     Test of the Biconn class - find the biconnected components of a graph
    Makefile     To compile in cygwin or unix: just type make and hit return
    biconn.12.dat     Sample graph file
    biconn.12.readme     Sample graph file description
    biconn.pdf     Explanation of algorithm for finding biconnected components