20-CS-122-001 Computer Science II Spring 2012
Minimum Cost Network

Virtual functions, classes, inheritance, lists, queues, stacks, applications

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Start: Add objects to the canvas one at a time by typing a name into the lower right textfield and hitting the return key. Move the objects to desired positions by left dragging the mouse over them. Lines between objects show costs.

Problem: A spanning network is a set of lines such that a path exists between every pair of objects. If there are n objects, the number of lines in a spanning network is n-1. The cost of a spanning network N is the sum of the costs of all lines in N. The problem is to find the minimum cost spanning network, also called the optimal solution.

Continue: Guess an optimal solution: select lines by left clicking on lines in the vicinity of their numbers. The total cost of the lines is shown in the lower left textfield, labeled Total. Have the computer find the optimal solution by left clicking on the Solve button. Clear for a retry by left clicking on the Clear button.