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20-CS-122 - Computer Science II
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Lecture Notes
    Topic Section 002
    Classes   27 Mar   index
    Classes   27 Mar   index
    Classes   27 Mar   index
    Function pointers, structs, qsort   29 Mar   index
    Function pointers and Sorting   29 Mar
    Read input from file   3 Apr   index   3 Apr
Command Line
    Reading commandline parameters   29 Mar
Minimum Cost Network
    Minimum Cost Network      5 Apr   index
    Command line arguments   5 Apr
    MCN: Brute Force Solution     5 Apr
    MCN: Fast Algorithm Outline     5 Apr
    MCN: w/ group array for cycle detection     5 Apr
    Split class into .h and .cc files     5 Apr
Bitwise Logic Operators
    Description and applet   5 Apr
Virtual Functions
    Virtual Functions   10 Apr   index
    Virtual Functions   10 Apr   index
    Virtual Functions: find in LinkedList   10 Apr
    Inheritance   12 Apr   index
    Multiple Inheritance   12 Apr   index
Topological Sort
    Topological Sort, What is   17 Apr
    Topological Sort, How to (w/ char*)   17 Apr
    Topological Sort, How to (w/ string)   17 Apr
    sample short input file   17 Apr
    List example discussed in class   19 Apr
    List: array implementations   19 Apr   index
    List: linked implementation   19 Apr   index   19 Apr   index
    Lists   19 Apr   index
    Bonus: roots in modulo arithmetic   19 Apr
    Development of a simple List class for library   19 Apr   index   demo
    Bonus: Craziness   19 Apr
Big Numbers
    BigInteger class   24 Apr   index
    Rational class   24 Apr   gcd alg
    Power class   24 Apr   
    Sqrt class   24 Apr   sqrt alg
    Priority queue class   24 Apr   
    Calculate the digits of π   24 Apr   
    Heapsort   24 Apr   
    Hamming sequence   24 Apr   
Integer Deadline Scheduling
    The problem   26 Apr
    A solution idea   26 Apr
    A better solution idea   26 Apr
    The best solution idea (eager)   26 Apr
    The best solution idea (lazy)   26 Apr
    Why does it work?   26 Apr
    Depth First Search - connected graph   1 May
    DFS - biconnected components   1 May
    Parse arithmetic expressions   1 May
    Raise x to the power y   1 May
    Topological Sort: No Ifs   xx xxx
    Queue   3 May   index
    Minimize Hops Visualizations     3 May
Heaps and Priority Queues
    Priority Queue   8 May   index
    Heaps - demo   8 May
    Heaps - Hamming Sequence   8 May
    Hamming's Problem - slow   8 May
    Heap structures - powerpoint slides   8 May
    Code   10 May   index
Operator Overloading
    Operator Overloading   17 May
    Advanced Lists   17 May
    Doctors office   17 May
Operator precedence
    table   22 May
    code   22 May
    index   22 May
    Templates   24 May   index
    Presentation   29 May
Class Hierarchy Examples
    virtuals   xx xxx
Other Stuff
    What's up with **?   xx xxx
    What's up with this?   xx xxx
    Visibility   xx xxx
    Lists and arrays   xx xxx
    Arrays, Qsort, Mergesort   xx xxx
    Examples of type casting   xx xxx
Paul Erdos
Ladies on Campus
Oscar Robinson