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20-CS-122 - Computer Science II
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Grading Policy
    I will attempt to assign grades according to the descriptions below based on evidence obtained from one midterm exam, one final exam, eight homeworks, and contributory class participation. An "A" student is an excellent performer, has an excellent attitude, and has remarkable creativity, imagination, and knowledge. I would have complete confidence in an "A" student to complete a task with minimal supervision. Usually the "A" student will decide what the task is without supervision (because usually the supervision does not exactly know what the task is). The "A" student is motivated partly by pride and partly by a desire to contribute to satisfying needs of other individuals. A "B" student is a good performer. He or she can be relied on to complete some tasks well. A "B" student has a pretty good understanding of material with perhaps a few gaps here and there. A "B" student will usually have to be told what to do and often cannot act effectively independently of others. A "C" student has learned a few things but is generally unmotivated and cannot be relied upon to complete a task. Unlike a "B" student, a "C" student is often not a hard worker and generally puts a minimal or even inadequate amount of effort into a task. A "D" student is a slacker. An "F" student is hopeless.

The midterm and final exams will be graded on a scale from 0-100 and each homework will be graded on a scale from 0-10 if completed on time (see below for more details). These results will be used only as a guide to help classify the student as above. It is possible that a student with a higher "average" score will get a lower grade. For example: a student with one low grade but otherwise consistently high grades may be given a relatively high grade with respect to his or her "average" score if I am convinced that the low grade was a fluke. If a student who is unhappy with his or her final grade seeks an adjustment, that student should consult the descriptions above and be prepared to justify his or her claim accordingly.

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