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20-CS-122 - Computer Science II
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Programming Contest Links
        midterm contest
        midterm solutions
        final contest
        final solutions
        grading criteria
        midterm scoreboard
        final scoreboard
        2010 ICPC ECNA regional programming contest
    Location and Time
        Midterm: Baldwin 860D, Saturday, May 12, 10AM-2PM
        Final: Baldwin 860D, Saturday, June 2, 10AM-2PM
    Contest Software
        Programming Contest Control (PC2) system
    Tunnel into the Practice Contest
        Using ssh
    Scoring Algorithm
        Official scoring
        Official rules
        Contest software, judging
    Sample Contest
        Practice contest
        Practice solutions
        findmax   <   findmax.dat
        findmax_alt   <   findmax_alt.dat
    Possible Contest Problems
        Cube root of a number
        Locate genes in a DNA sequence
        Map the elements of one list to another list
        Efficiently locate a number in a list
        Is cutting pills in half a good idea?
        Is there a subset that adds to N?
        600 HP Camaro?
        A two player game
        Maximum size subset
        Topological sort
Paul Erdos
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