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20-CS-122 - Computer Science II
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

    We will need to use machines that have an ANSI C++ compiler and a text editor. The ideal environment consists of g++ and emacs on a Linux box. There are some Windows and Mac based IDEs that may be useful as well such as CodeWarrior. Visual C++ is not acceptable for this class because it is nothing close to an ANSI standard compiler. It is possible to build code that "seems to work" under Visual C++ and yet contains numerous errors that will eventually cause the code to fail in the field. Usually such errors are caught by ANSI standard compilers such as g++. Hence, that is what we use. If you have a problem with using ANSI compilers you might consider withdrawing immediately for I will not be sympathetic if I catch someone using a non ANSI compiler. If you insist on using Windows and you don't want to spend money, you can download If none of these options is available to you, you may request an account on one of my Linux machines (called Send requests to
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