For, While, If: Examples

    if_1.m     Elementary if statement
    if_2.m     Use an if statement to control execution
    if_else_0.m     Solve questions problem (Lab 2): 1st try
    if_else_1.m     Solve questions problem (Lab 2): 2nd try
    if_else_2.m     Solve questions problem (Lab 2): final
    loop_1.m     Elementary while loop
    loop_2.m     Elementary for loop
    loop_3.m     Greatest Common Divisor   Demonstration
    for_1.m     Find the maximum number in a given vector (list) of numbers
    for_2.m     Reverse a given list of objects
    for_3.m     Use strings to represent numbers, 'add' two such strings    Algorithm Demonstration
    for_4.m     Multiply a given string 'number' by a string 'digit'
    for_5.m     Multiply a given string 'number' by 10k
    for_6.m     Compute the square root of a number   Demonstration
    for_7.m     Use the square root program to calculate digits of π   Why is atan(sqrt(2)-1) = π/8?