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CS-112 - Fundamentals of Computer Programming
School of Computing Sciences and Informatics

Lab Assignments
   Familiarization with a Modeling Tool
Detailed description: first assignment.
This may help: prelim.m     Also this: cyclismo
   Modelling, Scripting, Visualization
Detailed description: second assignment.
Hints for drawing a circle: circle.html.
   Program Control
Detailed description: third assignment.
Sample for, if, while programs: for.html.
   Matrix data and Visualization
Detailed description: fourth assignment.
Sample data file: plume.dat.
   DNA Gene Identification and Pattern Matching
Detailed description: fifth assignment.
Sample files: short     long
   Functions and Arrays
Detailed description: sixth assignment.
Multiply: demo     Add: demo
   Sort, Arrays, Algorithms
Detailed description: seventh assignment.
Sample file: ans: 2947.
   Random variables and functions
Detailed description: eighth assignment.
Demonstration: gaussian     What's s for?     What's flag for?
Paul Erdos
Ladies on Campus
Oscar Robinson