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CS-112 - Fundamentals of Computer Programming
School of Computing Sciences and Informatics


John Franco

Registration Data

BoK: NA. Credit Level: U. Credit Hrs: 3.00 Prereq: none


Meets: TH 3:30-4:45PM, Baldwin 749
Grader: Ryan Flannery, Office hours: TH 10:00-2:00, Baldwin 860B
Textbook: Essentials of Matlab programming by Stephen Chapman, Thomson-Engineering, (2006), ISBN: 0-49-50730-08.

Course Description

Top-down program design; breaking problems into functions and identifying needed control structures; declare and employ basic data types particularly numbers, strings, arrays and symbolic variables; create and use of functions. The goal is to provide students with the ability to solve many common engineering problems with the help of a computational tool like Matlab and to teach students good practices in writing computer programs. Due to its easy-to-use interface, Matlab is used instead of a standard programming language like Fortran or C++.

Frequently, I will cover material in lectures that is not given in the book; you are responsible for both. (Feel free to ask questions in class about reading assignments.) Try to stay a little ahead on the reading assignments. You are responsible for all assignments and announcements made in class, even if you cannot attend. You should probably get to know someone whose notes you can copy.


Problem solving, Matlab, Algorithms, Complexity, Efficient Programming, Programming fundamentals.


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