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CS-110 - Introduction to Computer Science
School of Computing Sciences and Informatics

Schedule (subject to change)
Days Class Material
  Sep 23,28      Why are we here? Creativity, Puzzle solving, Matlab
Sep 30    Puzzles, What is Computer Science?
Oct 5    Pizza. 12:30PM Zimmer 413. Mainly for CS to know each other, but...      
Oct 7    Number representation, Arithmetic and logic operations as seen by the computer      
  Oct 12,14      Algorithm development: Minimum Cost Network, Sorting, Shortest Path      
Oct 19,21    Sample problems from Network Security
Oct 26    Ethics, Morals, Professional Conduct - with cupcakes   
Oct 28    Minimum Cost Network   
Nov 2    Statistics   
Nov 4    Pizza   
Nov 9    AI in Robotics
Nov 16,18    Medical Research Problems
Nov 23    Graphics Applications
Nov 30    Internet Applications
Dec 2    Data Mining, Review
Paul Erdos
Ladies on Campus
Oscar Robinson