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CS-110 - Introduction to Computer Science
School of Computing Sciences and Informatics

Homework Policy
    Roughly eight projects (well, maybe 5 or 6) will be assigned this quarter. All will be due the week after they are assigned in lab. You should read and understand each assignment before you take your lab session for the week and prepare a solution, if possible. Use the lab sessions to write your solution(s). It is not sufficient that a program runs and produces output. You have to understand why the program works, what the program does, and what happens when part of the program is changed. For that reason you are strongly discouraged from working in groups.

You do not learn programming by watching others do it! You learn from seeing how the computer responds to your own mistakes. If you are new to programming the best way to learn how is to read some Matlab textbook in front of the computer while entering program segments into MATLAB. Since MATLAB is an interactive program, you will get immediate feedback.

The grader has been instructed to respond to a submission within 72 hours. If that has not happened please contact the grader to find out why. If that fails, contact the instructor. Any late submissions must get the approval of the instructor and may require a more rigorous oral examination during your next lab session.

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