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20-CS-228 - Data Structures
Electrical Engineering & Computing Systems

Learning Objectives
Knowledge and Comprehension
  1. Definition and implementation of several data structures including stacks, queues, heaps, priority queues, trees, splay trees red-black trees, binary trees, balanced binary trees, fibonacci heaps, graphs
  2. Definition and correctness of serveral algorithm types including the greedy algorithm, backtracking, and branch-and-bound
  3. Complexity theory
  4. Matroid Theory
  1. Several problems whose solution benefits from the use of a data structure that is learned in this course including the Shortest Path problem, Minimum Cost Network, Biconnected Components, Sorting a list, Integer Deadline Scheduling, Finding Cliques, Three Coloring a graph.
  2. Use of complexity theory to estimate worst case and average case performamce of solutions to the above problems
  3. Apply matroids to solving problems such as the minimum spanning tree problem
Paul Erdos
Ladies on Campus
Oscar Robinson