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20-CS-228 - Data Structures
Electrical Engineering & Computing Systems


John Franco

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Credit Level: Undergraduate Credit Hrs: 3.00
    Computer Science II


Course Description

The student will learn how to organize data for faster, more maintainable solutions to common programming problems such as sorting, searching, and optimization problems. The course focuses on a few fundamental structures and alternative machine representations. Thus, we consider lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, linked lists, heaps, and arrays. The advantages of data abstraction are described and illustrated. Algorithms based on the above topics are developed for some specific problems. Some tools of analysis are presented to provide the student with a rudimentary means of comparing alternative algorithms.


Stack, queue, dequeue, priority queue list, graph, tree, binary tree, balanced binary tree, heap, fibonacci heap, splay tree, B tree, red-black tree, AVL tree, matroids, greedy algorithm, sorting algorithms, hash algorithms, shortest path, three coloring, depth first search, partition problem, minimum spanning tree, integer deadline scheduling, complexity, biconnected components, cliques, shortest path problem, Hamming's sequence

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