East Central North American Region

February 24 and 25, 2023
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

campus map Old Chemistry

On Friday: If you do not have a high-profile vehicle, enter the campus from Martin Luther King Drive onto Woodside Dr. between 5PM and 8PM, proceed to the entrance of the Woodside Garage (first right). If you are stopped by an attendant, say you are participating in the ACM programming contest. Proceed into the garage and park anywhere. If you have a high-profile vehicle, enter Woodside Garage as above but stay on the first level and look for an area that is surrounded by cones - this area is reserved for us. This area should be immediately to the left after entering the garage. Unfortunately, you may have to have some students lift the bar that indicates maximum height to prevent scratches to your van.
Proceed to the registration table near 527 Old Chemistry to get parking passes for both days and instructions on how to use them. The above link tells how to get to Old Chemistry from the Woodside Garage. Use the map above to find Old Chemistry and the Woodside Garage.
The preliminary program, following registration on February 24, is in the auditorium, 527 Old Chemistry.
The practice contest and Pizza shindig follows the preliminary program in Old Chemistry.

On Saturday: use the Woodside Garage for parking as on Friday. Parking is free both days.
Breakfast is in 527 Old Chemistry

The contest will be run in computer labs on the 6th and 8th floors of Old Chemistry.

The scoreboard for coaches will be in Old Chemistry 527 .

Contest Schedule