East Central North American Region

February 24 and 25, 2023
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
How to use parking vouchers


The exit machine
  at the exit gate
The QR reader





Procedure for getting and using parking vouchers:
On Friday night enter the Woodside garage (see campus map) from MLK Drive. Take a ticket from the dispensing machine at the entrance gate. The ticket will likely have a "1" printed on it. High vans should park right away, before the ceiling clearance drops. Head for Old Chemistry 527 using these instructions. At the registration table you will get one parking voucher for each vehicle. The voucher is good for the whole contest. It has a "2" printed on it. To leave the garage drive up to the exit machine, shown above. Important: Stay away from the pay station which is nowhere near the garage exit. Insert the "1" ticket, QR code facing up, into the whiteish slot that is beneath the row of three buttons on the exit machine. Update: I have been informed that you should scan the "1" ticket at the QR scanner (see picture above right) - when doing this, the QR code on the ticket needs to be facing up. The exit machine responds by telling you how much you owe. At this point scan the "2" voucher under the red-lighted QR reader as shown above right. The gate will rise to exit. If there is a problem press the "Help" button which is the red button in the upper right part of the exit machine. If you re-enter the garage the same procedure applies: take a "1" ticket, when leaving insert the "1" ticket, wait for response, scan the "2" voucher. Press help if the gate fails to rise.

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