ACM ECNA Programming Contest
University of Cincinnati
November 10, 2018

Final Standings

Problems and Solutions

Pictures of the Event (only from UC - click on pic to enlarge)

  UC gameisez
  1st Place at Cincy

  Purdue Boilers 1
  2nd Place at Cincy

  Indiana University 1
  3rd Place at Cincy

  Dayton Flyers
  4th Place at Cincy

  5th Place at Cincy

  Assembling before contest

  Indiana University 3
  Very sociable group

  UC gameisez
  Remarkably calm considering

  WSU Coconut Ladden Sparrows
  First in flight

  Xavier B
  Great competitors

  UC Drop All Tables
  Having a lot of fun

  View 1 of largest lab

  View 2 of largest lab

  View 3 of largest lab

  View 4 of largest lab

  View 5 of largest lab

  View 1 of middle lab

  View 2 of middle lab

  View 3 of middle lab

  Helpers 1
  All helpers deserve a big hand

  Helpers 2
  They all did a fantastic job

  Early arrivals 1
  WSU Coach Erik Buck on the end

  Early arrivals 2
  Mostly Wright State University

  View of smallest lab
  Franklin College of Indiana