ACM ECNA Programming Contest
University of Cincinnati
November 9, 2013

Final Standings

Problems and Solutions

Pictures of the Event (only from UC - click on pic to enlarge)

Top Five Teams at Cincinnati get Awards

  Wright State University
  5th place

  Jeff Simpson, left
  Dale Basset, center
  Tyler Highlander, right

  Purdue University
  4th Place

  Hanxin Jin, left
  Yu Si, center
  Hongyuan Wang, right

  Indiana University, Bloomington
  3rd Place

  Jake Pusateri, left
  Jonathan Wegener, right
  Thijs Benschop, see below

  De Pauw University
  2nd Place

  Rajat Kumar, left
  Tao Qian, center
  and Ben Harsha, right

  Cedarville University
  1st Place

  Jay White, left
  Josh Sommers, center
  Matt Schoenwald, right

  Thijs Benschop made it into this pic
  Indiana University, Bloomington