The 2012 ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest, 
     Sponsored by IBM
East Central North America Region

The 2012 ACM-ICPC East Central North America
Regional Programming Contest

Top 10 Teams (Site Standings)

AwardTeamInstituteNumber of Problems SolvedTotal Time (in minutes)
Cincinnati Site
1Cedarville BlueCedarville University6831
2CowgorithmsWittenberg University5565
3Taylor GoldTaylor University5902
4Purdue GoldPurdue University3317
5Purdue BlackPurdue University3495
6Purdue SilverPurdue University3595
7Team 42University of Cincinnati3634
8Dayton DigitsUniversity of Dayton3643
9Wright State GoldWright State University3686
10DePauw ZombiesDePauw University31351
Grand Valley Site
1VictorsUniversity of Michigan - Ann Arbor6739
2ValiantUniversity of Michigan - Ann Arbor4404
3Irish BlueUniversity of Notre Dame4689
4MSU'); DROP TABLE Teams; --Michigan State University3387
5UMFlint-MaizeUniversity of Michigan - Flint3572
6GVSU1Grand Valley State University3732
7Conquering HeroesUniversity of Michigan - Ann Arbor3830
8Black HornetsKalamazoo College2165
9Champions of the WestUniversity of Michigan - Ann Arbor2383
10Orange HornetsKalamazoo College163
Windsor Site
1University of Toronto BlueUniversity of Toronto8900
2Waterloo BlackUniversity of Waterloo8946
3Waterloo GoldUniversity of Waterloo6656
4Aleph-naught SolutionsBrock University5658
5Waterloo RedUniversity of Waterloo5805
6University of Toronto WhiteUniversity of Toronto4560
7University of Toronto GreenUniversity of Toronto4697
8TheMastodonsIndiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne3338
9Windsor BlackUniversity of Windsor3397
10MustangsUniversity of Western Ontario3538
Youngstown Site
1CMU1Carnegie Mellon University91000
2AdiaosCarnegie Mellon University8980
3CMU2Carnegie Mellon University7762
4plaidipusCarnegie Mellon University71344
5Ed's TeamGrove City College61147
6www.gccGrove City College5836
7qUArkThe University of Akron4698
8CMU4Carnegie Mellon University3348
9DU OpsDenison University3391
10Cleveland State EuclidCleveland State University3423

Note: Only top two teams from the same institution received prizes.